Live From The Garden [July 9, 22]

It’s the middle of July and the summer heat finally kicked in. We had a lot of cool stormy weather that carried well into June—a lot of the heat loving plants are a bit behind schedule because of it. But, that’s what I get for my ambitious planting in the spring. 

Here’s some cools stuff in the garden from today

This is my corn bed. I tried the three sister’s method of planting corn+beans+squash together. The corn and squash are doing well, but I think the corn took too long to grow for the beans. I should have planted the beans a week or two later. I fear they won’t have anything to climb. 

I feel like a proud father watching my corn grow so tall

This squash plant survived a pest problem earlier in the year, somehow it managed to survive this long. 

I really didn’t expect any artichoke this year since it was a new plant and I planted it during a weird weather week in spring, but it’s loving the sun.

I circled 3 figs, but there are actually FOUR.

Time for the design portion of this garden update

I’ve been following the designer Braulio Amado on twitter for the past few months and his eye for composition and shape has been stuck in my head ever since I saw this poster.

WOOOOO where do I begin. It just embodies what I want out of design. Clear cut communication on the bottom with a sexy ass grid, authentic personalized reference, and a great process to top it all off. It’s odd, Amado is warping the 3D forms into 2D collage assets to combine into the same composition in his photo. Reduce reduce reduce, he framed the poster in his head and just removed all the excess from the graphic. The paper texturing just brings it all together for me. It’s the right level of digital and textural. 

I’ve been trying to be more inspired in my design work. I’ve spent a lot of time these past few years creating work, so much so I feel myself plateauing out a bit. I’m trying to take in more inspiration and actively use it, so I wanted to take a shot at trying to mimic what I love so much about Amado’s work.

Here is my photo to reference

Here is my poster

It was thrown together pretty quick, which I think is most obvious in the type, but I’m happy with how this turned out. I like the texture I was able to get out of my flash shapes, even if it doesn’t completely match Amado’s visual style. I played with a few photoshop techniques to try to replicate his rough shape edges. 

How’d I do?

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